Thursday, January 12, 2006

Swan Lake

Tonight I'm as lazy as can be, not in the mood to do anything productive. Quentin and I are watching figure skating on TV and I'm sitting here yapping every time someone messes up. Poor Quentin has gotten a few mini lectures from proper jumping technique to what makes a graceful skater. Of coarse I've popped off the couch to give demonstrations in front of the tv when necessary, he should be lucky to learn so much.... Quentin of coarse watches skating in a totally different way from me, whenever the commentators say the words, "stroking, from behind, or she's really tight" he repeats them out loudly and laughs. At one point he used the play back feature on the TV/PVR and had me watch were the guy had his hand when he threw the girl into a throw triple loop. (I wasn't a big deal at all.) I never ever though of listening or watching figure skating as derogatory until I was married. O well it's okay it makes me laugh and I can't complain if my husband can find a way to amuse himself while watching figure skating with me.

One of the pairs programs I watched had the music from Swan Lake and it was so beautiful. Before the program had even finished I went and grabbed my laptop to goggle it. I remember my parents taking me to see this ballet when I was young. There is something about the story, the production and especially the music of Swan Lake that makes it incredible.

The Foot Notes to the Story.
Swan Lake tells the story of young Price Siegfried, who falls in love with the
Swan Queen Odette, a woman transformed into a bird by an evil sorcerer.
Odette explains that she is destine to remain a strange composite creature,
until rescued by a man's undying love. Enthralled by her beauty, The Prince
pledges his eternal love - but later, at a party in his honor of his 21st
birthday, he is tricked by the sorcerer, von Rothbart, into declaring his love
for Odile, and evil twin of Odette. Realizing his inadvertent betrayal,
the Prince rushes back to the lake. There, he battle Von Rothbart, and
destroys his power. The lovers then reunite.

Oh I miss dramatic stories like these, there is just something so nail biting and fascinating about these love triangle type stories, they're never boring and are usually fantastic tear jerkers. When you think about it though it isn't logical that it's should be so interesting or moving. I mean shouldn't a story about starving dying children in Africa or something provoke a bigger emotional response.

Anyways this year I'm going to watch the ballet companies and if one of them put on Swan Lake I defiantly want to be there.

Here's the good twin, dressed in white.

Here's the bad twin, dressed in black.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, have you seen the previews , yet for 'skating with the celebrities'? my god, Fox TV has sunk to an all time low.
first of all celebreties are the ones skating with real professional skaters, not the other way around and second, why the hell is kurt browning or anyone agreeing to this crap?
he's just as bad as them for doing this and making a complete mockery of figure skating.
what has the world come to since we were skaters just trying to get kurts and brians autographs, eh?
holy shit.

Lisa's Diet said...

Weird, skating with celebrities, celebrities can't skate! They won't be able to learn jack in 3 months, I'm sorry but in figure skating it takes years. It will be entertaining though to watch a tv produced segment of "figure skating". As for Kurt Browning and any other Brian you have to admit any publicity is good publicity.

Anonymous said...

at this stage of the game with kurt, i guess he's beyond sold out also, right?
he's like the rolling stones of skating.
yeah, i guess i'll tune in.