Monday, January 23, 2006

Election Night

Well I voted Conservative tonight, I was leaning more towards Liberal although I've been Conservative in the past but my surprisingly wonderfully opinionated friend Andrew gave me a huge talking to about why voting Liberal wasn't acceptable. Although their were lots of different issues I ultimately agreed that after 12 years, the Liberals have had long enough and it's time for a change.
So tonight I'm sitting on my green couch with my laptop keeping me warm and watching everyone debate the election on TV, why the country voted the way it did, and what to expect from the new government. I'm sure I'll still be watching at 10pm, this reminds me of living at home with my parents when election night was the center for a huge discussion and everyone was either clapping and saying yahh in front of the TV or booing and saying how terrible it was.

p.s I wasn't totally lazy tonight, and I did my short Tempo run of 20 minutes which only needed to be 12 minutes. It was hard though, my pace was too fast at first and I had another stich in my side. I ended up walking for a few parts which I consider cheating. I can't wait till warmer weather comes because tonight it was so cold my face was bright red from wind chill when I got back. I also bought New Balance shoes Saturday so I have to get used to my orthotics being in them. So everything is fine now and I'm excited to go outside and Run but I hope I keep enthusiasm till the Sun Run, it's easy to be excited in the beginning but then lose momentum.

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Jenns Theatre said...

Election night is always an occasion for me. I can safely say though that I wasn't cheering at the TV this time. Sorry but I can't agree that it's a good thing harper got in.