Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Years Resolutions 2006

This is an important list to try and write every year. I haven't really thought about it but now that I'm writing this post I will.

1. Stop drinking caffeine. This might seem minor but I've quite drinking caffeinated coffee in the morning for the last 2 weeks. I want to prevent the rush in the morning and then the low in the afternoon were all I want to do is snack on food.
2. Run in the 10km Sun Run. I want to go to the running room and sign up for a training program of some sort. I know this is going to be painful but I want cardio back in my life and hopefully my knee will be okay.
3. Work hard and do more things I'm afraid of. If it's not scarey then I shouldn't bother with it. Quality verus quantity.
4. Take more time to plan fun activities instead of letting work being my number one priority. In otherwords define my time more and stick with the plan.
5.Be a good girl in general!

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Anonymous said...

Lisa, just heard on the radio that coffee is actually good for reducing your risk of breast cancer

see you at my tupperware partae friday?!?!?!!? hopefully