Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bush Speaks

Well tonight I made a big Greek Dinner for the family and everyone else that decided to show up. Bradley brought 4 of his friends from Trinity and we watched President Bush speak The State of The Union Address.

Oh my it was hard to hear the TV tonight over everyone else yelling in the background. The one thing I do remember clearly was Bush declaring that America will be actively pursing new sources of energy so not to be as dependent on the Middle East for oil. Tom sitting to my left was like, "you watch a certain type of stock will go up tomorrow" I assume he means the ones for new energy sources.

So I guess the President of the United States wasn't interesting enough on his own and the Trinity kids decided to drink shots of Ouzo everytime Bush said, "TAXES".

So anyways I thought it was hilarious and laughed even harder when they convinced my Mom to drink one. So silly!!!

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