Saturday, January 28, 2006

Front Row @ Coldplay

Quentin and I had front row seats to Coldplay tonight, it was an incredible show and I, of course, went nuts with my camera.
This concert was fantastic; Coldplay is one of those bands that sing better live than on recording. I could have listened to Chris Martin for hours. My favorite songs were The Scientist and Ti'l Kingdom Come. It was so emotional to listen to him sing them to us ,live, WOW!
I think Quentin and I feel extremely spoiled Quentin keeps saying, "it's like Coldplay played in my living room" So it will be hard to see another concert where we're so far back as usual. I always thought it was a bit extravagant to sit in the front row now but I recommend trying it at least once.
Anyways that was my wonderful Christmas present from Quentin and it was fantastic. Thanks Honey!


Lisa's Diet said...

You're wecolme honey. :)

marZ said...

hi! i came across your blog...just now
i see that youve been to the coldplay concert... id love to here more about it if possible... id be very grateful!