Sunday, January 22, 2006

I don't technically have to go to church anymore

Well I checked out my church's website and I can't believe it but all the sermons are uploaded. I love Pastor Ross because he's so academic and I feel like I'm back at school when I listen to him. I wish I could take my laptop and take notes while he spoke but I know I'd look like the ultimate knob if I did. Today he spoke about community, leadership, and humility. So much to remember but one thing I related to was his explanation of the Greeks definition of a leader. He said the Greeks thought that in order to be a leader you had to achieve success in some form and usually have some material success. He said our modern day interpretation of a leader comes from this image but that a good leader isn't necessarily successful. I don't know I'll have to think about that some more and maybe I'll run into a good example of this one day and then understand better.
Here's a link if anyone wants to feel like their in an RELS class.


Anonymous said...

That was so fun going to church with you and Chris today Lisa, I'm so glad we're going together again!

Lisa's Diet said...

Oh yes it's great fun Shay, and it gives me a chance to see you.