Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Baby Book

I called my Mom yesterday asking her if she had a copy of my birth certificate so I can renew my passport. She found a copy in my baby book which she brought to work and turns out is a wealth of clippings from when I was little 2 to 3 years.

Lisa loves dresses and clothes. Runs to the mirror and looks at
In stores she loves to look at clothes. I guess Mommy taught her
clothes are fun.
She sits still when I braid her hair and runs to the mirror when I'm

Loves her baby brother, shows very little jealousy, kisses and hugs

Lisa is really maturing she helps Mom and calls herself Mommy's
friend. She asks "why" about everything. She picks up on
conversation and misses very little. She loves music, sings and
carries a tune well. When I put on the stereo she just sits and sings and
listens. She watches over Jonathan and is so concerned when he hurts
himself. Lisa is a little mother and loves babies.

Lisa's first report was very good. Lisa is very social makes
decisions when necessary and trys to do new things. Lisa was shy at first
but is getting over it.

Lisa loves going to school she has a little friend Darren. She calls all the boys Darren and they get mad at her. (I guess my first boy friends name was Darren)

Lisa Goes with Daddy to look at bathroom fixtures in a show room. Takes off pants and pees in show toilet. (Oh my poor father he must have been horrified)

My Mom took a clippings of my hair when I was a baby and I think it's very interesting that the color of hair that I think looks best on me is actually the one I had as a child (golden sandy blond). I watched a makeover show once were the hairdresser had the client bring in her baby pictures and took the client from platinum blond to the auburn brunette she was as a child. It was a great change for her and she looked years younger.


Jarrad Kevin said...

Haha, very cute. Especially the pee.

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yay for getting our passports!!