Monday, August 20, 2007

Small Update

Well it’s been an interesting few weeks. I am feeling nauseated but I think it’s more from the prenatal pills. This last week I’ve been switching around my vitamin cocktail trying to find something that doesn’t make me sick about half hour after taking it. I’ve never been a vitamin person so having to stomach all this is seemingly making me very cranky. That’s another thing I’m noticing, my moods are more intense and I feel really aggressive. Quentin and I had a fight not so long ago and I slammed 2 doors at 1 in the morning, and I never do that. Sorry honey I’ll have to try better not to lose my cool.

My weight seems to be stable right now, I gained a bit from taking a camping trip and eating huge meals for a few days but I know the pregnancy wasn’t to blame for that. So far my weight gain seems to be under control now and I’m considering writing down everything I eat for a week and then visiting a nutritionist just to make sure I’m consuming the right about of calories and receiving the proper nutritional requirements. Luckily for me my Mom is still a healthy weight after having three children so hopefully I’ll be like her. In case I take after my Dad’s side of the family however, I’m going to try to take precautions and just be really aware.

In terms of exercise well yesterday I went for a three hour bike ride from False Creek to the end of Spanish Banks and I pretty much died. I need to get a gel seat and maybe just go more often so I’m not so out of shape. I like biking for exercise though, it’s low impact which is good for the knees, you get to look around at all the new places you can visit while biking and the cutest part is seeing all the families on bikes with babies on the back. I’m hoping Quentin and I will be able to take our babies with us and go for family exercise adventures. Of coarse this won’t happen for a long time but it’s still just one of those things to look forward to.


mellenger said...

hey lisa... try taking the pills at night before bed instead of the morning. it really helps you not feel sick!

Lisa's Diet said...

Yes I tried that last night and I felt pretty good today. I'm going to keep trying it, thanks for the tip. :)

TopCat said...

I don't get to catch up so often at the mo, so only just found out your great news. Congrats to you both xx

Anonymous said...

hey! If night works thats great! I took a regularmulti vitamin and a mineral one. I coudent take the pre natal ones. As long as you take your folic acid and getting ypor vitamins your fine.

the salmon said...

re: weight gain. it is totally possible to not gain anything until 3 or 4 months pregnant if you just eat like you normally would. near the end its like a pound a week so thats always fun for us ladies to deal with! ha

and i know many women for whom the first 20 or 30 lbs come off within 2 weeks after giving birth with very little effort. just be healthy (if you can...its such a temptation to eat junk, just cuz you can! i did great for 6 months then would let up for the last 3 months...but i always regretted it).