Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Shopping and Eating In Seattle

Here's my Mom leading the way to our first couple of shops. After a few hours I was tired but somehow my nearly 60 old mother has leaps and bounds of energy as usual. God must have given her a fountain of energy I don't know anyone else who can go as long as she can.

I love this store I bought 2 pairs of fabulous red shoes both for under $20, and a ton of cute tops.

My Mom introduced me to the Russian Piroshky Bakery and now I'm a bit obsessed. We bought them at the store fresh out of the oven, and ate them while still steaming and warm. The first thing I did when I came home to my computer was google piroshky recipes. I'd like to find a seasoned turkey one, it would be lighter than the traditional beef, and I could make a few dozen and then store them in the freezer for snacking. I'll have to post pics once I actually attempt to make them.

Saturday night I was craving crab, so my Mom and I found the best seafood restaurant, "The Crab Pot". I absolutely loved how they served the food. They would bring you a bucket of crab with a a few red potatoes and some corn on the cob all mixed up. My Mom and I decided to just feast on the crab though. They even gave us these mini hammers and cutting boards to crack our crab legs. My only regret eating all the crab. was that the rest of our family wasn't there to join us. I just didn't seem right that we had all this fun without them and I missed everyone else. Seemed like a great family restaurant to me.

I ate so much crab, that we even left some unfinished and I'm sick of it now!

Bolivian restaurant, my Mom and I didn't actually eat here but I'd never seen a restaurant from this country before. A very long time family friend who used to cook for us came from Bolivia so I was interested.

Seattle has a fantastic public market. Geez I wish the world wasn't so big and that all the wonderful places in the world were in walking distance. Is that too much to ask?


Anonymous said...

That would be boring. It's all about "getting there". The journey. The Steps along the way.

Lisa's Diet said...

Well I guess so, but it is fun to imagine sometimes.

Anonymous said...

tee hee