Monday, November 19, 2007

Pregnant Me 16 weeks, 4 months!

I finally got around to taking and posting my pregant profile picture. For some reason I haven't been looking forward to taking these pictures like I might have thought.
So far this all seems very surreal, my body is changing right under my nose and I can't believe it!

Lots of people are telling me that I look quite big for 16 weeks, but I don't know either way. I am starting to get the feeling though that I'm soon to become a really big massive pregnant lady!


the salmon said...

hi lisa
it looks to me like you have a small baby belly. people will always tell you you look huge, even if you dont...its annoying...but you can work on some good come-backs now...if only i were meaner, i really wanted to say "i'm probably smaller than you and you're not even pregnant!" to this one lady who would tell me week after week how huge i was...

have fun!

Lisa's Diet said...

I love it, "well I'm probably smaller than you" I'll think of that next time I get the comments. :)

Shaunlee said...

Yay! I know you've already had your baby but you look to be about the size I was before pregnancy and your actually the same size in your photo that I am right now at 15 weeks. I feel so much better seeing someone who's about the same as me - I thought I was gaining weight way too fast during this pregnancy but now I feel more normal and not as concerned with the rapid weight gain. Hope you and your baby are doing great! <3