Tuesday, December 04, 2007

First Ultra Sound

Q's photoshop edit.

Well today we had our first look at Baby MacAulay. What an experience, I can't believe something is alive and growing inside of me!!!!!!!!

The ultra-sound tech thought from the measurements that I'm between 21 and 23 weeks, so instead of 4.5 months pregnant I'm 5.5 months pregnant. Wow that's fantastic news too me, that means the baby will come sooner and pregnancy will be over. I'm so excited but geesh it's painful, however my doctor thinks I could have gallstones which is making it worse.

Yah no gallstones, but I feel like I have a cracked rib, soooo painful!


Anonymous said...

Omg, that first pic is unbelievable Lisa.. so amazing eh? woweeeee, so neat....

Jarrad Kevin said...


That's actually a pretty good portrait. Especially considering the lighting :p

I remember back when you were thinking of having kids.... now you are!

<3 Babies

Heavy Petal said...

When are you due, Lisa? I think we're the same now - I'm due April 15.

mellenger said...

that's so crazy! i was so surprised when andrew told me that. congrats. that must be so nice to know you have one less month to wait.

Lisa's Diet said...

According to the Ultra Sound measurements I'm 21 to 23 weeks as of Dec 4, which would make my due date closer to early April. I think according to charting my temperature, I conceived about July 18, which would put me about 20 weeks like the doctor originally said. I guess in the end we'll just see when the baby comes. Quentin seems to think the ultrasound would be the most accurate.