Saturday, May 21, 2005

Star Wars lll

Star Wars lll from a wife's perspective!

This afternoon I was enticed to go see Star Wars lll. Now I am I Sci Fi/star trec lover I grew up on the Star Treks with captain Kurt and Jean Luc, and other similar Gene Roddenberry like authors came up with. So I'm no rookie to Sci Fi and I actually secretly really like it.

That said, Star Wars lll was the most depressing movie I have seen in a long time I really didn't like it, in fact I hated it. I squirmed in my seat and I really wished I could get out of that theater.

I just couldn't stand the fact that we knew Anakin's fate. Most movies start off troubled and progress to a happy conclusion. Anakin and Padme were so incredible together and they had so much to look forward to. It broke my heart watching him throw it and her all away.

The movie was totally insightful it showed a noble character, someone who strove to do right but to be torn to bits by themselves and by deviant confidants. It was so sad and so hard to watch, when Patme said "You're breaking my heart Anakin" I cried, but just a little bit.

That said Hayden Christensen is quite possibly the next Brad Pitt. In my opinion this is his break out movie, like what Ledgends of the Falls was to Brad Pitt. He is so goodlooking and he really really looks like a young Brad Pitt. He has the same sort of profile, same lips, same look to his eyes, and the voice tops it off. Honestly his voice is the same tone as Brad's and that's what really did it for me. So Hot!!!!

Natalie Portman is gorgeous too, her hair was so pretty she looked fabulous in every shot. She was beautiful and serious but still cute and innocent, very good combination.

Anyways I'm glad I saw the movie, I just wish it wasn't so sad, I wanted them to live happily ever after together and have their baby together.

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