Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm Up!

It's 4 am and this is the second time in the last 2 weeks were I just gave up trying to sleep and decided to go walk around for a bit. I found a bowl of cereal went to the washroom a few times and now I'm writing on my blog to kill time. Hopefully this will make me tired enough to fall back to sleep.

At this point I can't wait till the baby comes, I'm really excited but very nervous about the change. It's reminds me of being in grade 6 and waiting for summer break. Or when I first moved into this house and couldn't sleep for 2 months from the stress of it.

Quentin is really excited too but he thinks I shouldn't worry so much. He's right but I haven't exactly figured out how to completely control my unconscious brain. I do find however, that writing about whatever worries me helps. Just seems to take the edge off and my brain will stop dreaming and wandering back to issues I've taken the time to discuss.

What else, my nesting tendencies are in full tilt. I want everything perfect before the baby comes. Nursery completely done, house organized, taxes finished...

Okay I think I'm tired enough to attempt sleep again, honey because I love you and we seem to be nicer to each other when not deprived of sleep. I'm passing out in the guest room so I can toss and turn for next few hours and not ruin the next 2 hours of your sleep.

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Q said...

Aww thanks hon. Maybe we should get a mattress topper?