Thursday, December 28, 2006

Big White

Sunrise Big White
The sunrise from our condo in the morning at Big White. It was so gorgeous to drink your coffee and look out these gigantic windows and see this multi colored view.

Night Skating

Skating is the first major sport I did as a child, I always really enjoy have a bit of time on the ice. Especially on an outdoor rink, it's a treat.

Night Skaing

Here I'm trying to do just a basic spin and we thought it would be neat to do a longer exposure.

Icicle tress on Big White's Apline. Conditions were phenomenal today with the bluest skies I've ever seen!


Here we were at the ski in ski out village in the morning. It was very exciting to wake up to such stunning conditions after experiencing a white out bone chilling snowstorm the night before. In the fresh bright morning everyone was dancing around the condo from excitement.


The afternoon sun just about to start setting onto the horizon, the lighting was incredible.


T-Lee said...

Lisa, I still have my skates, too.... Did you try doing an axel? Last time I did one, I almost killed myself. Landed it, yes, but next day , ouch! lol


T-Lee said...

... oh p.s. I love the pix.. especially the sky pic.. beautiful shot!!!

Lisa's Diet said...

God no it was negative -15 and I was freezing. I do miss doing axels however but I prefer a few days of warming up to avoid major bails.