Sunday, December 10, 2006

Still love being in front of the camera!

Spotlight adjustment, originally uploaded by Lisa Marina.

Quentin took this picture in the mirror and in order to adjust the focal points in the picture we tried using the lighting effects tool in adobe. I wanted a light on my cheek, belt and hair.


Paola said...

Hi Lisa,

You look so much like Samantha (sex & the city)... I bet you get this comment a lot. I love this picture... the light is really cool on your belt.

I really like your blog... it inspired me a lot to have my own.

Paola (Darren's g-f)

Lisa's Diet said...

Thanks Paola, yes I get that comment a lot but thank you it's always a compliment.

Kevin from Germany said...

Hi Lisa,
i am kevin from germany and i want to say you that you have a nice blogger. the pics are very good. visit my blogger do it on your list.

Jarrad Kevin said...

Well done :)

Lisa's Diet said...

Thanks Jarrad :)