Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Parties

This year Quentin's work party was at at the Flying Beaver near the airport in Richmond. For all the Pan Pacific parties that they usually host, this one was the most fun.

My new purple shoes!

Lounging around.

Quentin and I tried something different to get home last night, we phoned a company called Operation Red Nose. They pick you up in your car, drive you home, and it's by donation as it's government funded. So we used the service last night, and it was really fun. The driver told us of all the other people him and his wife were taking home (new cops who were celebrating) and it was so nice to not leave my car in a parking lot for the night.
I think Quentin and I should volunteer for one night, return the favor and laugh at all the partiers.

Here's the number put it in your phone if your heading out.

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T-Lee said...

Fun times. that is where part of my stag was.