Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I have no name...

Last night the door bell rang, I opened the door to my youngest brother Bradley speeding off in his car and a kennel left on the doorstep with this Mini Pinscher puppy inside! At first I thought I had to take care of it until Christsmas, but soon I read the note saying the puppy had no name and reasons I should want to keep it.

1. I provide more entertainment than cats, who just sit there.
2. I give you an excuse to go for a walk, take me to the park etc.
3. I'm small, I don't eat a lot, so I'm cheap to take care of.
4. From what I've heard, the family rarely goes on vacation together so there would always be someone to take care of me.
5. I will provide countless happy moments, from doing stupid things around the house, to wrecking some little piece of furniture... I have more character then a cat, and will make any household, "more fun".

The note continued to say:

Anyways! Have fun with me. Brad told me that you will for sure be mad at him so he won't be picking up your phone calls or sticking around because he wants you to get used to me.

I'm not sure what to do, but he is adorable. Maybe I can name him Snack or Donut because it kinda goes with Muffin's name, our cat.

Currently, as I write this post, he's trying to work his way through my housecoat from my lap into my arm and then down my sleeve to my wrist.


Quentin said...

We were thinking "Snacks" (Snackers) for his name. What do you guys think?


Stefanie said...

Gosh he is SO cute! I couldn't give him back! Puppies make the best Christmas presents. Your pup makes a good point #5 :) Snacks/Snackers is a fun name.

piccola said...

I was thinking of brownie when i saw it. :D Mainly because of it's color.

Anonymous said...