Monday, February 05, 2007

Lazy about blogging

Hmm I feel bad, I haven't really felt the urge to blog lately. I've been mostly reading everyone else's blogs though, and some reason I find it more interesting.
For a personal update I've been trying to focus most of my energy at work, I moved to my Mom's office and since then we've been figuring out the details of having 6 people work together instead of 2. It's finding itself to be more challenging than I expected but it's exciting thinking of the potential. In case you don't know me, I'm a realtor so is my Mom and brother and we work in Cloverdale. So I'm really enjoying trying to figure out a system so that everything runs smoothly and hopefully we'll be able to grow and at the same time increase the efficiency and quality of our work. Hmm this seems very Buis 300 or something when I write like this but it will be interesting to see how the year shapes itself.
As for New Years resolutions which I was planning to post but then I had to think about whether or not I really intended to keep them. Well I wanted to eat healthier in the New Year, I felt like my cravings had taken hold of me instead of my having control over them.
So I've decided to eat less at night, and I've drastically reduced the amount of carbs and fat I eat. I try to have a salad everyday, and no cheese at night after dinner. I can have pickles and sugar pea snaps or turkey cold cuts, but no crackers or dessert after dinner. (Tonight I cheated and had 3 pieces of Toblerone chocolate but they had a beautiful display of Valentines day chocolates at the IGA and I thought a little couldn't hurt.)
So this make shift diet of mine seems to be working, I've lost about 10lbs since January which seems to be a lot but really isn't since the first 5lbs is mostly water I believe. I thought about counting points again but I seem to have an internal count when eyeballing food now and I think I'm doing okay.
p.s I try to make Redriver with berries, and then plain yogurt with brown sugar every morning, I swear it's the best breakfast ever!


Melanie Catherine said...

Hey Lisa! Colter and I have been eating healthy and working out lots since the new year. I love it, it feels so much better!!!!

T-Lee said...

Lisa, I loved when you posted your points. It really encouraged me to try and follow the points you were on, because i think we have similar height and weight's... (well, when i'm at my finest, that is. lol)... anyways, i'm thinking of posting my points soon..... i've been posting my weight each week..... scarey, but i hope to motivate others!!! I would love seeing you post your points again.. we could encourage each other.

Congrads on the weight loss!!!!!!