Friday, February 16, 2007

The Secret - A book to read!

I'm currently watching Oprah today and the show is way more interesting than I expected. First of all I should say that's it's Friday afternoon, I sort a ducked out of work early today and I'm just feeling over saturated tonight after a very emotional previous weekend with a funeral and a hectic few days at work this week filled with lots of change and new things to learn.

I caught the last 15 minutes of Oprah were she seemed to be talking about a book called, "The Secret" There were quite a few statements that caught my attention, here are some I remember.

  1. In life too many people go against the flow and make things a struggle, instead of trying to make it upstream and fight the current they need to turn around and go with the flow. They said that the ancient people never thought life should be so hard. ( Not sure who the "ancient people" are but I'm listening anyways)

  2. That instead of trying to do things we don't love we should let go and find what it is that we're extremely crazy about. Oprah made a statement that herself, Bill Gates and many other successful people didn't make all their money because they sought out to make money. Instead they found a creative niche were there was no competition already. Oprah even quoted a bible versus supporting this argument, I don't remember which one.

So I'm interested to read more, I think I'm at the place in life right now were I embrace the idea of trying to find and follow your passion. For a long time growing up I tried to make very logical decisions that I knew would be best for me, and I know I default to this. However sometimes making the logical decisions feels very difficult like I'm dragging myself upstream and I'm interested to know why.

I've read the book, "The Road Less Traveled" which I truly loved and cherish at one point in my life, but the book seemed to have a strong focus on self-discipline. Self-discipline evokes mixed feelings for me. In some ways I think it's the only way to go toward living a structured life that's has stability yet when I think of a person who has total self -discipline I don't think of them as that open, and maybe missing out on the certain spontaneous random things in life that only a lack of self-discipline can bring.

So I've read one book were the focus was self-discipline and now I'll read another that says don't fight the current, happiness is when you decide to ride with the current.

Well I hope I got it right, I'll have to pick up, " The Secret" relatively soon.

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Jenns Theatre said...

I also watched the episode of Oprah yesterday and the one last week which was the first time she had these guys on. I havent been able to stop talking about it, I love all the concepts so much. They make so much sense. I especially love the thought that life is not meant to be a struggle and if you are struggling then you're going the wrong way. Resonates a lot.