Sunday, March 11, 2007

Best Picture of the night!

It's very hard to surprise Hadley, but Quentin did just that when he planted a big wet one on her just as she took the picture. This is one of those funny moments that won't be forgotten.

Here I am trying to get Hadley to take a romantic picture with Quentin and I, but it just wasn't going to happen.

My favorite look of the night, Niki's back with the bright yellow and her blond ponytail, very nice and spring.

Dianne and I, and oh look the background might actually look like something besides the Roxy.

Niki's birthday, so she poured the jagermeister.

Note: If your spending the night on Granville street you absolutely must visit the Roxy Burger for your after bar treat. They have a ranch, bacon, cheddar, chives, and french fries dish that's about 5 dollars after tax and they sever it to you piping hot. You eat it with a fork since it's so gooey with the ranch and bacon and cheddar and bacon again mmmmmm, to die for!!! Be warned this is definitely not diet food and you're only likely to order and enjoy this after having a few to many vodkas and not giving damn.


Quentin's mother. said...

Seeing Quentin kiss a girl does not change my firm position Quentin is a flamboyant homosexual. To support this theory, it is necessary for me to hypothesize that Quentin must have been imaging he was kissing another man. Keeping with this argument, it is also my belief - with the up most certainly - that Quentin could suck golf balls though a garden hose. Anyone else concur?

Lisa's Diet said...

Thank you my dearest youngest most immature baby brother for you kind words. They have absolute inspirational qualities and shall never be forgotten.

Also it is conventional belief that you are late on your delivery of Quentin’s Christmas present! This should inspire you to get up off your bum, stop fantasizing about the Mirage and drive across the border to pick it up!

Once again thank you for your inspiring kind words on my blog. I’ll remember and repeat them clearly next time you visit, just to make a sandwich because Mom and Dad have no food.

Quentin said...

Very nice Brad... :)

the one the only... b-rad said...

Theres a rumour going around that some sort of special event happened in your life 28-30 years ago which calls for important individuals such as myself to attend a feast in your honour. Luckily, this gives the opportunity to get slaushed on mom's bill. Wooo...

Lisa's Diet said...

Aww you're saying Happy Birthday to me, thanks honey. And no you're not getting smashed on Mom's bill it's my birthday not yours! Also you better spend at least 3 seconds thinking about what I'd like for my birthday and come up with something. Maybe simply picking up Quentin's present would be appreciated.
p.s It was 29 years ago!