Thursday, March 15, 2007

Christina Aguilera Concert

On Monday night Quentin told me we were meeting Steve and Jessica downtown for dinner at 5:30pm. I thought it seemed like and odd time and place, but he said they were driving down from Whistler and had some important news to tell us. I thought I'd better go with the flow. After dinner I thought, "Okay we ate dinner and it's pretty early, no news, why the rush." About then, a promotional guy just happen to float by our table with a flyer saying 'Come see the Pussy Cat Dolls after the Christina Aguilera concert'. Jessica and I started talking to one another about the concert and how it was tonight and then making fun of the young hoochie girls who were walking outside past our restaurant window to GM place. As our discussion ended, Steve somehow pulled out an envelope with 4 Christina Aguilera tickets, and of coarse mine. Jessica's eyes got really big!

It was a great concert Christina is an incredible performer, and both Steve and Quentin were in excellent moods high fiving each other every 10 minutes because they we're so pleased that they fooled us...

We tried to take video clips at the show, unfortunately we were kinda far back even at row 21 and when the volume was too loud it distorted. You can see her amazing sets, the costumes, choreography and she's pretty clear in her ballads. I was really impressed with her show, and we had a lot of fun. Thanks Quentin and Steve for the wonderful surprise.

Another note, after watching the video clips I remembered how during the show I thought, wow I'm so glad I'm a girl and have the opportunity to dress up. Christina looked like the gorgeous diva up there on stage and the effect was contagious, I'm feeling the urge to dress up and be glamorous too.


Anonymous said...

oooooooooooh i'm watching i'm waiting, 1 more minute of this 9 minute video... i'm lovin it but still waiting for "Dirty".. hmmmmmmmmmmmm will i see Dirty...


Anonymous said...

okay i'm guessing you got the whole 5 minute video of "Dirty".

Omg though, that 9 minutes was amazing... I can't believe I wasn't there..

Lisa, I love the story of how you guys found out you were going... sooooo coool. and very sweet.

I'm so sad you did not tape Dirty. That is my favourite song by X-tina. :o(