Saturday, October 06, 2007

Oh Darling!

For some reason I've finally decided to take up my father in-law on guitar lessons. It's going well and I'm realizing my practice schedule has been weak and it's time to up the practice hours. Recently I've been noticing an nice electric guitar at my father in-laws house, which seems very mysterious and way too cool for me at this point for me, so now I really really want to try.

Today this Beatles song from the movie Across the Universe has really caught my ear, so I'm thinking this is the goal. I only have to learn ummm 11 chords.... so intimidating but I know I can do it if I practice. I'm hoping I can pull off a good white girl version of this song. Yes I'm very excited, and hopefully the baby won't be deaf tone after all this.

Oh! Darling.mp3

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