Thursday, May 11, 2006

Can't Sleep

So it's 4am in the morning and I'm so tired but for the last hour I laid in bed awake thinking about stressful things. Argggggggg it's so annoying I have so much to do tomorrow and I really should be thinking about all these things tomorrow instead of tonight. Owell the good news is that I get to watch 4am tv which is funny because I never do.
I'm watching the shopping channel and I'm very interested in smashbox cosmetics and purchasing their lastest neutral brown eyeshadows and a eyebrow makeup for 3 payments of 1$19.99. They have this little set that uses pigment and wax to define your eyebrows which they claim makes you look more youthful. I've never bought anything on TV before and I'm not going to but now I'm know that tomorrow I should head down to the Max store at Guilford Mall and pick at least this new lipstick I really wanted to buy last time I was there but didn't.
Hmmm other things to do at 4am besides watching the shopping channel, check every blog that I can possibly check, and I have so many to keep tabs on, oh and now I'm watching the women's channel and the angel show is on, which I'm thinking is a bit to heavy for 4am. Okay I'm finally feeling drowsy again, sleep time I hope!

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Quentin said...

I had no idea!! :(

I'm sorry to hear baby... (and I'm glad you didn't buy any crap off the TV!)