Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So so funny!

Tonight Shayna and I had dinner and then went back to her parents house and watched this movie in the parents media room in the basement. It was such a perfect girls night for lots of reasons. We had so much to catch up on, and I love girl visits like that. You know it's been awhile since you've caught up when you take turns at dinner eating so the other can talk. :)
After we were so full and being on the same big comfortable couches that we used to sit on when we were going to school. We used to watch the most girlie movies, ones that certain husbands could never endure, but I guess now that I'm married I just appreciate this girl time even more.
My original pick of a movie was Ghost, (Quentin would be so happy to learn that I watch the movie with Shayna instead of him) but Shayna's parents didn't have it so we watched Just friends on the satellite movie service thing.
It was so funny that I feel off the really comfortable couch because I was laughing so hard. It was hilarious on so many different levels. It made fun of Breton/Jessica Simpson I loved the popstar character. I want to watch the movie again just to appreciate all her lines one more time. I wish I could pick one scene were I liked her the best but it's so hard to choose. I loved how the brothers called each other homos and beat the crap out of each other, I want to replay those scenes as well. I loved the battle of the sensitive nerds, and the scene that made me fall off the couch was when the main character was in one of those ambulance brace things and then well you'll see. Actually the humor was really awkward humor and half the time I was laughing and not looking at the screen because I felt so uncomfortable for the characters. Regardless I'm really looking forward to watching this again. This is the best type of movie to watch when you're either really hung over on a Saturday afternoon and you can't move, or when you're trying to make something in the kitchen and you want to be able to not pay attention for awhile and not miss anything.
Anyways I highly recommend it, I was very surprised.

p.s. One of the first songs they used was by Lemon Heads, I think it was called, " into your arms". I actually bought the latest Lemon Head album when I was about 17 for that song. It was really sweet, I'll be singing for a few days now I'm sure.


stephoto said...

looks great lisa - i killed off my clematis last year and unfortunately there's no remains so i wont be so lucky... but my passion vine has a bloom (maybe i'll take a pic later)

Candice said...

THat movie looks cool, you have convinced me to go watch it!