Monday, May 01, 2006

Presents from Greece

My parents came back from Greece Saturday and when my Mom called and asked me what I wanted from there so I told her whatever was the latest trendy accessory.
She came back with these scarf necklace combinations that supposively my cousin and aunt are crazy about in Greece. I'm supposed to wear these scarves with either a tank or tube top of some sort. and if you don't feel like wearing your scarf anymore you're suppose to be able to tie it to your purse.
I also love the black tube top with all it's jewels, supposively jewelled things are really popular too.
Okay so hopefully I'll be able to coordinate these things into an outfit properly and I hope I don't miss the mark and look silly.


Melanie said...

All of this stuff looks great Lisa, and you will be able to pull it off for sure!!

Christiane said...

Nice stuff!