Sunday, May 14, 2006

Smoking a Turkey Backyard Party!

For some reason we were really surprised when checking on the turkey.

It was a really dark brown.

Hadley came over and we spent the whole afternoon cooking, which I think is just as much fun as the party.

Hadley made three batches of scalloped potatoes on the barbecue with lots of garlic, chives, and butter and then melted cheddar cheese on top, very yummy.

Here's the buffet, we even had salmon which I cooked with garlic, soy, chives, honey, jalapeno peppers and cayenne, Asian spicy.

A random picture of Naomi with Muffin in the sun. Naomi lives just a few blocks away which is great!

Here's the gun show or the boys showing how manly they can make croquet.

This is a classic Puleo, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa look. It's pretty much one of the most annoying sounds that can be made especially when it's yelled right in your ear. However ever party needs it's muse and it just makes it more fun.

This is the classic annoyed response to the haaaaaaaaaaaa noise which Jon has perfected better than anyone.

Ummm it scares me when I see my brother looking evil like this, what's he doing?

After dinner everyone especially the boys became fascinated with this game we have of trying to bounce the ball as hard as you can so it goes over the banister for the upstairs level. It's such simple game but they were all loving it for the longest time.

Here is the cutest picture with Cassandra playing.

Here's a total poser picture of Hadley, her back looks fantastic.

This picture is so funny it cracks me up, us girls were being silly and trying to get each other to pose and some how this picture was taken really quickly out of the blue and we were all laughing about it.

Hadley and I after a long day, hope you all enjoy the pictures.


amanda said...

crazy world's colliding!!!

i KNOW hadley! how is she? tell her to look at my blog. she was at my wedding, i'm sure she'd be happy to see how our little family is doing.

:) amanda salmon

amanda said...

ok, i remember how we ran into hadley at your wedding too...hee hee, anyway, you should still send her to my blog...


Lisa said...

Yes I know, Hadley did my wedding makeup and Andrew was like oh, "I know that girl she did Amanda's wedding makeup." And I was like no you're totally wrong she did my wedding makeup, you're just confused! Anyways he was right I was wrong and yup she did both our makeup at our weddings. I'll tell her you say hi and send her the link. :)

FRQSTR=18806640x201683:1:4320|18806640|18806640|18806640|18806640 said...

Too cute, this pic looks like something right out of magazine. BBQ Magazine

amanda said...

no, she was a guest at mine. we were friends from work at the beach basket before i moved to whistler.

Lisa said...

Oh no! but that's funny how details can so easily get mixed up. Hadley says, "hiiiiiiiiiiii" by the way and Quentin will have her online shortly so she can check the blogs.