Monday, May 01, 2006

My first Poetry Slam in Vancouver

Tonight I went on a little adventure in the city to Cafe du Soleil. Sharon and Stephanie came with me although Sharon and I were the newbies to the Cafe du Soleil scene.

So the readings were great, unfortunately the one that I'm still think of is titled Anal Fissure. So this guy shown below gets up and says, " the parents of the guy who said he had an Anal Fissure are in the crowd and they told me not to do this one and especially not to say his name" then in a really low voice he says, "Ben Brown of Vancouver" I don't maybe know you had to be there but he complained that he was very distraught as he ate his dinner and he heard this guy talk about his Fissure and then he started to cite all the times it might be helpful to think about the Fissures. I won't mention the reasons on my blog cause it's bad, but it was so freaking funny I was in stiches laughing. Also I included a link to the google search above because the guy said a bit about how he overhearing the conversation about the Fissures and it made him want to google the item as soon as he came near an internet connection. See that's funny, because who isn't dependent on google!

Another girl who was really funny did a poem on braces and how they totally turn her on, k I loved that one too, she was hilarious, but I forget the punchlines.

Beside the silly poetry Sharon and I both commented on how comfortable we felt at the Cafe. It's definitely on the other side of Van, (east) and people aren't too fancy or fussy there. You feel like you can totally hang out in your jeans (I wore ripped ones) and just be yourself. It's great to have a place in Vancouver that's so funky and comfortable.

Friday night their is a final competition and I just might check it out.


stephoto said...

i ended up staying till the very end... right after the intermission they had a guest poet who was from hawaii and she was really good, she shared about 4 or 5 poems which was neat cuz you got a chance to hear the different types of subjects she used (i got her cd). anyways, u will be happy to know Lisa that both of the poets you posted about made it to the semi-finals along with 2 others... the funny guy's 2nd poem was about socks and it was pretty hilarious... all about some new calvin klein socks that he bought at the bay and how they were so comfortable (like walking on bunnies)!

Lisa said...

Oh now your making me want to go to the Finals on Friday night.

Christiane said...

I'm glad you found a spot in Vancouver where they got Poetry Slams. We definitely need to go there when I come visit you.