Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cammie in the Congo

Cammie used to be a realtor at HomeLife but has since decided to dedicate her time to building orphanages in the Congo of Africa. I haven't know Cammie long but after her last visit home, I'm finding myself checking her blog and wondering how's she's doing. I find it very fascinating how she can just leave western civilization and live a completely different life.
I think some of us are really called to do this type of work and for the rest of us well it's our job to support them.
I've never been to Africa but after having other close friends who have, I really think it's something I'd like to experience... one day. I also just watched the movie Blood Diamonds and after I really wanted to know why such a beautiful place with so many resources could be so doomed. Of the people I've talked to one was actually born there and now lives in Delta BC and the other is Cammie of coarse. Both mentioned the sad reality of Voodoo magic as a very negative force in Africa. I was given the impression from my two friends that we really take for granted the Christian morals our western culture is built upon. I hope I'm not being to bold to assume such strong beliefs about another cultures way of life, but regardless of beliefs you can't deny the amount of tragedy you hear and see all over the media about Africa.
So like I said most of us aren't called to do this job but at least we can try to be supportive. I'm weary of donating to big organizations because I don't feel it's personal and it's confusing how my money will actually be used. Cammie however is someone who for me is local and especially needs monthly support. So for those of you have thought about supporting someone who's local and very dedicated, but weren"t sure who, I'm vouching for Cammie. Good luck Cammie for the next year, may your work flourish.

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