Friday, April 27, 2007

A few Parisian Images

This is Napoleon's Suite at the Louvre. This picture for me seems to be Paris at it's most elaborate. It seems throughout the city you see bit and pieces of this decadence from the buildings, decor, and amazing food. The government has very strict standards for the quality of food brought to Paris, I haven't eaten a poor quality meal yet and today I even tried steak tar tar mixed with Dijon mustard's, and it was very nice!

Chateau De Vincennes. As far as I know this was a church in one the Kings Courtyards before he moved to Versilles. I've seen a lot of Gothic architecture while being here in Paris and I still feel in awe every time I come about a church like this. To me these churches represent hundreds of years of my own Christian heritage. When I visited the Notre Dame with it's many religious statues it actually made sense that they we're there to visually remind us the many beliefs we have. I understand now, especially since most people used to be illiterate when the churches were built and the service was always in a different language, Latin. It was really nice, to just see religious images, very peacefully somehow.

Notre Dame!


Anonymous said...

Looks amazing - brings back memories from when I went to Paris... one question - can you tell me more about your "Christina Heritage"?!! say Hi to Cabby!

Lisa's Diet said...

I'm a terrible speller what can I say, sigh... lol opps I better fix it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Looks like you are having a great time!!
Your pictures are great...reminds me of when I was in Paris....I'd love to go back one day:)
See you soon,
xox Michelle xox