Monday, April 16, 2007

Crack Shack Reno

My brother his girlfriend Michelle, and Quentin and I have taken on a renovation project in Port Moody. It is probably the most disgusting residences I've ever seen, but that made for an exceptionally low purchase price. I thought it'd be fun to blog about our renovation process. Yesterday was our first weekend there and we spent days ripping everything out and cleaning. You'd think we'd be overwhelmed by the end of the weekend but actually everyone was tired and exhausted but really excited. It's defiantly one of the more interesting things I'll do this year.

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Michelle said...

Lisa I'm so glad we are in this is so much easier to be motivated about this project when we can all do it together and make it as fun as possible.... and thank god for our ghetto blaster, gas masks, goggles and McDOnalds lunches:)