Friday, April 20, 2007

First Night in Paris

First pic in Paris

I had a very short flight, or at least it felt that way thanks to a pretty good sleep on the plane. When I arrived in Paris Cabby and I jumped on a train, then a metro and I was back at her apartment within an hour. Once we neared her apartment I couldn't believe how many well priced shoe stores line the streets. Cabby responded, "oh yah I live in the shoe district!" I'm very glad I didn't pack a full suitcase!

Here I am for our first night passing by the Arc de Triomph on our way home. I arrived at Cabby's apartment, we had a snack of melted chevre over tomatoes, basil, and rye bread and then into the shower I went to get ready for a night on the town. On Thursday nights Cabby meets a select group of her close friends at a pretty night club near the Champs Elysees from 7pm to 1pm. Everyone arrives at the door with printed email invitations dressed in work attire. In other words the men are all wearing dress shirts and pants and I thought thought they looked great!

I forgot to mention the big allure of the 7 to 1 parties is that it's 12 euros at the door, you receive a light but very flavourful buffet dinner and then one champagne glass which everyone continuously refills at the bar until 9pm. I couldn't believe that on my first night in Paris I was drinking unlimited champagne with Cabby!

Here are Cabby's Parisian friends who were exceptionally nice to me and have taken me under their wing. They all speak some form of English but were shy to do so until they'd had a bit of champagne. However later in the evening they decided I should be attempting french so my rule of thumb is if someone speaks to me in English I try to respond in French. I'm actually surprised at how much I'm remembering.

I'm sooo excited to explore the rest of Paris for the next 2 weeks, and honey I miss you already!


Q said...

Great first post! Wow, you're going to have so much fun... Love you loads.

Candice said...

Wow LiSA!!! Looks like so much fun! I miss you toO! I can't wait to hear all about it!