Monday, April 16, 2007


Wednesday I'm leaving it all behind and heading for 12 days in Paris. I'm extremely fortunate in that one of my best friends Cabby who I grew up with has lived there for 2 years now and of coarse is very fluent in Francais.
Right now I haven't done too much for preparation except listen to an ipod podcast of French basic phrases in my car one morning. After about 20 minutes however my face started become sore from trying to pronounce merci through my nose. I can't wait though, my goal is to have a a few mini conversations with people in francis, you know like ask, were is the bathroom in a restaurant. "Ou est le salle de bain." "Combien est le cher sac", "Combien pour les soulier" Yes I plan to shop for all my spring clothes in Paris this year!

Besides that I absolutely can't wait to just spend time with Cabby and see what her world is all about. I want to meet all her friends and run around the city with her and see all her favorite spots. Expect pictures, as their shall be many.

Hmmm now I'm feeling just a bit excited. :)

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