Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mariah Carey

Sharon and I saw our childhood favorite Mariah Carey Saturday night. I have always wanted to see Mariah she is such a childhood favorite. It was a fun show, but unfortunately I didn't get the chills from her performance. I'm not quite sure what it was I suppose I just saw Coldplay in March and they were spectacular, no one does emotion better than Coldplay, so Mariah had a lot to live up too.

Here's little video clips I took from the concert, when Mariah was the center stage I was one row back and it was great to be so close. Unfortunately they had the camera Nazi's with flashlights who would shine light directly at your camera and then nod sternly at you when you held your camera up. I was sneaky though and made sure the buggers weren't looking when I filmed just a few clips, it's not much but at it shows how close we were at least.

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