Friday, September 15, 2006

Salt Spring Day Market

According to the Province, visiting Salt Spring day market is one of the top 100 things you should do before you die!

So last Saturday Quentin and I visited, but by mistake!

I'm holding a natural raspberry and yogurt popsicle $1.50.

My parents really wanted us to come visit them at Otterbay Pender Island so to be good kids we woke up nice and early after Candice's party from the night before and caught the 8:30am ferry.
K so I don't like paying attention to the rules and like to think that I know everything, I get this from my Mother, and I failed to pay attention to the overhead announcements on the ferry. Our ferry docked at Mayne Island and I of coarse used to take the ferry to Pender Island as a child every weekend so I just automatically knew that the next stop was ours. Just like when you listen to a certain song on a old album that you know so well and you've memorized the sequence of songs and you know exactly what's next...... Well this time they wanted us to get off at Mayne and then take another ferry to Pender.....
So I sat there and watched all the cars get off at Mayne and went back to reading the book I was totally absorbed in. That was another part of the problem. I even thought to my self, geez I would be soo mad at myself if we didn't get off at the right stop.
When Quentin and I were on our honeymoon in Greece he told us to get off at the wrong island instead of Santorini and I was so mad I decided I shouldn't speak or I'd say something terrible. So that memory went though my head and I ignored it.....
The ferry pulls out I go back to reading my book and after 10 minutes I notice were out in open water. Shit Shit Shit what the hell are we doing here!!!!!
I go running to the gift store and the lady tells me we're heading back to Tsawwassen. I hate it when I realize I screwed up royally and I have to take all the blame for this one because I'm the one who's traveled the gulf island by ferry a million times before.
Argg so it was terrible we found out the ferry was heading back to Tsawwassen then it was going to Salt Spring Island were it would sit for over 2 hours and then finally head to Pender Island at 5pm.
To make the best of the day we rented a stateroom for $7 and then we were able to leave our stuff there while we went to the day market and puttered around for 2 hrs. It actually ended up being fun and staterooms aren't a bad place for a nice hour long nap, you can even use the life jackets as pillows.

The best part of the day was visiting the tie dye underwear stand were I bought myself some cute booty shorts, and I would have liked to buy these for Quentin but something looked a bit off about them despite the great colors.

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