Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tofino the second time!

Here's the video clips from the second time around. Hadley masters the surfboard and I had to add some cheese music to celebrate the victory! Plus you'll see our campsite a bunch of times because we were super proud of it and kept reorganizing and cleaning it.

Hadley I had another great weekend in Tofino. This time we brought dishes and camping stoves and actually ate all our meals at the site. I even bought a dining tent at Walmart. Us girls were in nesting heaven everything was clean and organized.

Here I am in the truck on our day of determination. We were determined that we would have a great day of surfing and that Hadley would nail the pop up technique and surf to shore.


Supafab said...

Love the dining tent, good score.

We went camping too this past weekend... except we were in the North Cascades!

Hadley said...

Love the video editing job! We're so cute when we're excited... when's the next trip? Friends: sign up now for our next surf excursion!