Sunday, September 17, 2006

Party on a Bus

Happy Birthday Sharon!!

For Sharon's birthday and her sister Rachel and her boyfriend Jake's birthday, a huge party bus was ordered to take us to Roosters, The Standard and the bourbon in Vancouver.

The bus was a ton of fun, here are a few girls hanging out in the beginning of the night.

Here's another picture pre-voyage.

This is the bus the entire time we were on the Hwy, everyone was dancing and swinging on the poles, I didn't realize you could have that much fun driving on Hwy#1. I thought I'd get motion sickness but I was fine and everyone else seemed to be too. That was one of the best nights I've had in a long time!!!

Here's Bradley and I at the back of the bus, Bradley was kind enough to tell the bus driver that I really wanted to dance with him, so at one point at the Standard I had to make a bee line to get out of there as I saw the only man in his 50's wearing a big black leather jacket (it was really hot inside), with glasses and a bald head coming for his dance. Younger brothers grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Oh p.s thanks Cal for not inspiring any ideas in Brad's head......

Thanks Chris for being my date, since a major server meltdown stole mine. Quentin had to work all night and still was at his work when I got into bed at 3:30am, that sucked!!!!

Oh and Bradley tried to tell Quentin that I was making out with all the black guys at the bar. If you don't have a younger brother consider yourself lucky!!!

Here is tough Michelle don't mess with her!! A bigger older lady about in her fifties who likes to hang out at the Bourbon and probably drinks too much pushed Jon to get him out of the way. So Michelle pushed her back and said, "excuse me don't touch my boyfriend". This in tern got Jon mad, which got Chris mad, and Bradley thought it would be cool if a fight started and so I decided the night was over and we we're leaving. Yikes we we're all glad to leave that place in
one piece.

Thanks Cal and Sharon I had so much fun, I love an night adventure on the town!!!

Oh here's a picture from Michelle of me dancing with a real cowboy at Roosters. Okay this guy had me spinning all over the place, I thought I knew how to 2 step but I had no idea!!! I actually spained my ankle abit Saturday night I wonder if all the spinning had something to do with it.

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Melanie said...

Oh Lisa I know....those little brothers! Haha!