Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Brazilian Girls

Last night we ventured out to Richards on Richards to see Brazilian Girls who are Hadley's absolute favorite band. They're slightly different, the lead singer wears a mask for most of the show and sings in German, French, Spanish (I think) and English of coarse. They were incredibly different and unique. They had lots of hyper energy but seemed to sing mostly cool mellow songs. One song towards the end was in French and I really like it. I can read a bit of french (thanks to French 11) but can't understand it spoken at all, so Quentin interpreted that the lyrics were, "I want to wake up next to you". Awww that's cute :) Anyways it was a really good show and I'm definitely a Brazilian Girls fan.

She kept putting her lipstick on over her mask, that was funny!

Hads and I

Here I am loving my black slouchy boots, black tights and long comfy sweater, perfect Monday night bar wear.


Melanie Catherine said...

Lisa where did you get the sexy pink dress? I love it!

Lisa's Diet said...

Why thank you Melanie, actually I just purchased it on Robson street at American Eagle on Sunday. I also bought skinny black jeans there too, which I also can't wait to wear with my slouchy black boots.