Thursday, November 16, 2006

Yummy Mommy

Driving to work this morning I listened to an AM channel which I usually never think to do and the featured lady was Erica Hhm who used to be a DJ on Much Music. She talked about her newest career and her website the Yummy Mommy Club. I really liked her definition of a yummy mommy, a women who's continuing to inspire herself, to learn and grow. Her children and parenting are a huge part of what she does but it's not all that she does. She talked about when she had her first son and said, "I didn't love him at first" wow I've never heard someone admit to something like that, and that she cried for the first 4 months.
She spoke about photography and how she thought it was a good idea for Mom's to take time for themselves and in particular to get dressed up once in awhile and do a photo shoot. This woman is so up my alley!
So Erica has my attention and I'm looking forward to listening to more of her radio talk shows and reading her website.
Here's a photo that I just can't get enough of this morning from Erica's featured photographer. Look at that foot, it's memorizing!

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Quentin said...

The composition of that picture is incredible. Love the soft lighting... :) You enrolled yet? :)