Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tubing/Snowboarding in the Snow!

Who's who

Tom - Orange and black jacket
Jon - Grey, orange and black jacket
Quentin - Blue jacket
Darryl - White jacket
Michelle - White jacket

and me using the video from my little canon point and shoot.


qmacaulay said...

GREAT editing job babe!!

Hadley said...

This ALMOST makes me want to come home... I love tubing, but the rest of the time I'm peachy without the snow... it's so warm in Toronto right now, it's like a bizarre switcheroo in weather.
Awesome editing and I love the soundtrack. Great job!
Miss you tons and tons.
I'll be back on Sunday.

Lisa's Diet said...

Miss you too!!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, That was such a fun day and I love the videos you made! Good work:) Michelle