Monday, November 20, 2006

My 5K in the Wind and Rain!

Well I completed my run on Sunday, which started uphill and into the wind and rain. It was wet and miserable but only 5km so I just did it to get it over with. We were suppose to run the 10km but my knee has been bothering me lately so I thought it would be better to run half as far. I also wore an old knee brace from high school which I hate, and I swear it slowed me down.
Here's the graph that Nike+Ipod produces for you when you upload your runs. I choose an 800 calorie run of which I burned 405. The program is kinda neat as it interrupts whatever song your listening to and says, "200 calories burned", very motivating. Also if you have a record workout, then Lance Armstrong all of a sudden starts talking in your headphones saying what a great job you've done. The graph says that I ran 5.98 kilometers which is odd because you'd think the people at the race would have measured out the race properly and I swore I turned the senor on and off at the appropriate times. So if I ran pretty much 6km in 36 minutes my time should have been ummm (36.04/5.98)5=30.13 I don't know if you can use math to make your time better but whatever it makes me feel better to see 30 minutes instead of 36, ouch!

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