Monday, November 20, 2006

Coolest Show On TV Right Now!

Monday nights Quentin and I watch Heroes. The premises revolves around select individuals who're learning about their new super hero powers and slowly are finding each other. Save the cheerleader save the world is theme of the movie, yes it sounds cheesy but they've made it cool.

We just watched an episode tonight and Claire is my one of my favorite characters. Her ability is to regenerate. A cute scene is when her brother puts a deep staple in her hand and as she pulls it out her skin regenerates. Also she's totally cute and adorable and I love how's she's smaller and athletic looking.

Another favorite character is Niki who's actually Ali Larter. She has a split personality who's called Jessica. Jessica is Niki's dark evil side, she has super woman strength and goes around beating everyone up to get her way. Hmm I wonder if split personalities actually exist.

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