Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Butter Chicken

I finally worked up the courage to make butter chicken. I tried once a very long time ago and it turned out terrible so I was afraid for many years. This version was a huge success however and I barely used a recipe and just googled butter chicken and read a few versions until I thought I knew what was in it.
I found that the trick is to use a can of tomato Campbell's soup, and then a can of diced tomatoes. In the past I couldn't figure out how to get that nice milky tomato consistency but the canned tomato soup along with a little bit of whipping cream makes it taste like the butter chicken I've had in Indian buffets.
For spices I used a lot of Cumin, fresh ginger, garlic, cloves, cinnamon, cayenne powder and another tandori spice that I have in my pantry. To be honest I think I could improve on my spice mixture and next time I'm looking for something that gives it way more heat as I would only give it a 2 out of 10 for spiciness.
Anyways I'm finding it's becoming just as much fun to take pictures of my food as to eat it, who knew.

p.s I ran around a track 10 times tonight in 24.37 minutes , so as long as I do that I can eat all the Butter Chicken I want!


Quentin said...

I like the quality of that pic. Impressive!

Share said...

I know! that pics looks like an add Lisa! Great job!

Lisa said...

Thanks guys, I'll have to do more. Hmm what can I make and take pictures of.

FRQSTR=18806640x201683:1:4320|18806640|18806640|18806640|18806640 said...

REcipe please.

Jen said...

Hey, I am a reader of your blog and you don't know me but, could you post the recipe please?



Lisa said...


This one looks good, but just google butter chicken and you get tons of recipies. I like the ones with whip cream the best.

FRQSTR=18806640x201683:1:4320|18806640|18806640|18806640|18806640 said...

oooooooooh whip cream makes it that much better.
i use skim but it never has the same effect.
guess i could save up all my fat intake through the day and use whip cream for once in my life.
thanks l


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