Sunday, April 09, 2006

I wonder

Some how at the last minute Shayna and I found our way to the 6:00pm church service tonight after both of us not having visited for quite some time. I must admit church is a great place to go listen than then go somewhere else and have a nice big conversation. So tonight the pastor said, "so admit it you think just because your Christian your life is supposed to be perfect" and right away in my head I was like, "NO". But then he said it again, "come on really admit it to yourself you think your life is supposed to be perfect." I was tired and distracted by reading the pamphlets so I missed the other related parts of the service, but now that I think about it I definitely have that expectation for my life, some sort of perfection...... I makes me wonder if that expectation actually limits me. Keeps me perusing old dreams and preventing me from exploring new ones. Who knows but tonight I'm having a nice little wonder about it.


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