Sunday, April 23, 2006

Talia is the newest member of the family

Today we visited Amanda, Jerin and Talia in Boundry Bay! When we arrived she didn't quite have a name but I think by dinner time they decided on Talia!

Amanda and her two day old baby girl.

She's so tiny, Jerin would just hold her in one hand.

New little family

Quentin always loves holding babies.

Talia is only 2 days old, I love how she was sleeping oh her grandma's chest, she would fit perfectly under your chin and looked so cute and warm.


~Share~ said...

SO CUTE!I can't believe how tiny she is! How does it feel to be an Auntie!??

Lisa said...

Hmm I hadn't really thought of that yet but I suppose I'll be getting a name along those lines. I can't wait till she gets bigger. :)

Miranda said...

What a beautiful baby!