Saturday, April 22, 2006

Scooting Around Town

I've never been one to get too excited over sports cars, but my girlfriend Hadley just moved back to White Rock and her car for the summer is this red convertible BMW.

So since today was so beautiful we went for a drive all over White Rock, out to the Campbell Valley, down Marine drive and then up through White Rock. I was allowed to drive the car and it's soooo much fun. Cornering a hot red standard convertible car with two girls is great, it's going to be fun summer.

Somehow I took this picture while Hadley was driving, it's my favorite from that day.

We're planning a drive to Whistler on the Sea to Sky Hwy, it really feels like summer.


brad said...

sorry lisa..

I'm the first katronis to be in a red BMW sports car... Brent's dad's is exactly like that.. except huge engine and turbocharged...he let us drive it from okanghan to vancouver... we got it to 220km/hr on the coke and raced a bunch of americans for 2 hours..

Lisa said...

K fine I'm telling Mom that when you visit Brent at the lake you're allowed to drive fast sport cars at insane speeds and especially after you've been out partying all night, you could come home in a body bag. By the time I'm done we'll see how many hysterical phone calls you have to handle with her in tears.
Or you can come over to my house and clean my outside windows and I'll keep quiet. :)