Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween 2006

I did it, or Hadley made it, I became Jane Fonda - Barbarella for Halloween.

Here I am in the basement of the Roxy downtown pre-evening, these are the coolest boots ever made!

Oh boy, this is what happens when all your drinks are free.

Here's Hadley and I, and the perfectionist in her making sure my collar was standing up straight. She put in many hours sewing my costume, it was incredible sweet and caring of her, thanks Had! She was a glittery Victoria Secret Angle.

I really really wanted to reproduce this exact picture in a studio and I was so close as we found a local photographer who was taking Halloween photos and then you could order prints. I even made the gun from PVC pipe and spray painted it silver. Unfortunately the man was completely narcissistic and thought that insulting women was a fun hobby, so we gave him the riot act (which was actually very satisfying) and highed tailed it out of there. It was very unfortunately though, and I'd forgotten how vial and mean people can be. Oh well maybe another year.

The next day with morphed unexplainable hair! Posted by Picasa


T-Lee said...

K, am I going crazy? I could swear to god that next day pic had you smiling at the camera.

Lisa, holy moly. your costume is awesome. so awesome, I had to post your blog address in my halloween posting on my blog.



Lisa's Diet said...

Hey T, yup your right I changed the photo, thanks for the compliments hope you have a good Halloween too.

T-Lee said...


are you dressing up and handing out candy in your farah outfit?

tee hee.

'hey mommy whose that hot lady, she looks like that farah lady on your dvd collection of charlies angels'

sorry, i'm a total goofball today. halloween does that to me.

Lisa's Diet said...

No way that's for the adult crowd only. Quentin has a superman costume with fake muscles and I think I'll have him dress up and hand out candy tomorrow night. We get tons of kids!

T-Lee said...

eeeeee cute.

p.s. i was kidding though about the costume....

m is sick. i will try to make it fun for him tomorrow and get him to dress up and hand out candy. poor guy can't go out trick and treating.

hurry up and have a coupla kids, guys. it's fun at this time o year.

misschristine said...

You look gorgeous! Hadley did a great job on that costume. I totally love it. So I'm not the only one who has a good friend to make their costume ;)

Chris Cameron said...

awesome morph. beauty to ,, blasted:)

Lisa's Diet said...

Well you know, it was blast ha ha!