Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Steph

Tonight went to Vancouver to visit Stephanie for her 28th birthday and a whole bunch of us went for a big bike ride along the sea wall from about Science World to English Bay to have dinner. Stephanie and Andrew have 12 funky old bikes in the bike room at their apartment and you can ride any bike you want. Here's Steph and I on an old banana seat bike, just like the one ones we used to have when we were kids, cool! Posted by Picasa

Hanging with the girls.

Me on the Bananna bike again, I totally want one of these!

Steph and her cute skate shoes, they always look great on her.


Anonymous said...



ps- I still have our Mary Kay polish you left..hehe

~Share~ said...

sorry I meant YOUR polish!

stephoto said...

thanks lisa for posting the pics and thanks share for the bday wishes! ~i totally forgot about that polish- feel free to use it - i should get my nails done again sometime soon too!