Saturday, October 14, 2006

Punjab Town

Today Hadley took me to Scott Rd Surrey and we traveled around Indian style. The purpose of our journey was to find a special kind of white fabric for my Halloween costume. Hadley of coarse being extremely picky wasn't satisfied with any of the fabrics, so we ended up with nothing and we''ll have to travel to the city this week. Geesh, but I know it's worth it and she's right!

For some reason all the fabrics with the vibrant color and textures got me really excited. At one point I saw all the sashes hanging from the ceiling and I just had to throw my arm into them to see them move. Hadley and all the store ladies of coarse looked up just as I did it and I got the whole, "gee your defianatly having a moment over there Lisa" But hey what's life if you can't let it be known that you love the fabric.

So I love our Punjab town in surrey and it's so fun to visit especially when you have a half Indian friend who knows most of the store owners, sweet!

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misschristine said...

So what's your Halloween costume gonna be?

Jenns Theatre said...

That fabric store that you're in is about a 30 sec walk from my house. My mum and I are always down there for fabrics. It's actually where I got my fabric for your toga party last summer!

Lisa's Diet said...

You'll see about the costume, I can't wait to post pictures of it after Halloween!