Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thanksgiving at Pender Island

We went to Otterbay Pender Island for Thanks Giving. Here's an adorable green sailboat in the harbor.

I found my favorite spot in the cabin. The stair case landing had this little window seat and it was perfect to listen to those below. I was hidden and no one could quite see me, yet if there was a conversation that I wanted to contribute too it was a perfect place to yell down my quick snappy opinion and then duck out of the way. Reading the book was a perfect excuse to zone out when the conversation either became too heated or just dull.

We went to an actual vineyard on Pender and Jon and Bradley found a way to have fun with flying grapes.

Michelle and I ran up and down the hills trying the different varieties of grapes. Pinot Noir is my favorite wine right now, so we tried a few types of those grapes as well as Merlot grapes. It was pretty interesting.

Don't tell Q's Mom but he actually enjoys playing the piano. (She's a piano Nazi) The vineyard had a beautiful grand piano and both Quentin and I sat on it for a few minutes playing. I really miss having a piano in the house, it's one of those things you definitely take for granted growing up.

We found some cute sheep in a beautiful pasture and they were really friendly.

Isn't it adorable!

This might sound odd but just as we we're about to leave Jon had to give the sheep a little chase. It made us all think of our family dog that we had for 18 years. He was a herding dog and chasing anything, especially sheep in a huge wide open field on an October day, would have been the ultimate for him.

Pender Island Apple pie!

Dad carving the turkey. I just had to post this picture.

I took this picture of the boys at the ferry terminal on the way home, just liked the look of it.


Quentin said...

I hate the piano! And I'm not sure that 'Piano Nazi' is PC...


Green Squiggly said...

i think people say "piano al qaeda" now.

Lisa's Diet said...

Oh that's pretty funny!! I didn't even think of that.