Monday, October 02, 2006

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Tonight Quentin and I went our very first balloon ride over top of Surrey.

Here they're heating the balloon, you can see the boys in the distance holding the crown line so the balloon won't shoot up too quickly before it's properly inflated.

Here we are flying over King George Hwy close to my parent house. About here I started to get really nervous as I thought, "I'm in a basket, this is only a basket and we're really high", about 600ft.

Passing over the Nicomekl River

The view of the sunset and river system

Cloverdale! At one point Jon called me from just outside our office. He told me to see if I could see his car lights flashing and I couldn't believe it but we could all see it from the basket.

It was hot in the air balloon ride, we had to wear hats to protect our heads.

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